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The Clinton County Agricultural Society met in regular session June 1st to determine the future of the 2020 Clinton County Fair! After much discussion from the Fair board directors, County officials, and 4-H committee members the board voted to move forward with as much of a fair as possible with modifications. Lisko Family Midway Amusements, Inc. will provide the rides for the 2020 fair. All other aspects of the Senior Fair are currently On and being reviewed to determine the feasibility of meeting all the health department and Governor’s guidelines along with the costs associated. We will have more information in the coming days and weeks as our committees meet and other guidelines are released. Please Note all camping will be permitted as well while following all  camping guidelines.

As for our Junior fair, the board expressed their commitment to help provide a program for the youth of Clinton County! We have the Governor’s guidelines for Junior Fairs and working closely with our health and County officials, we are confident we can put this program on! 

We appreciate your patience as we work thru all the planning and setup pieces in a very short 5 week timeframe. We also ask for your support including volunteer and donations to support the Junior Fair program, prepare our facilities and meet the guidelines our Governor and health officials have put in place.


Becoming an Agricultural Society member is a great way to help support!

Thanks in advance for your generous support!


Scot Gerber

President Clinton County Fair Board!

Country Invasion & Kansas City BBQ Contest

Country Invasion has been postponed until June 4 & 5, 2021. Montgomery Gentry is scheduled for June 4, 2021. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Refunds will be issued.

Ractopamine at the Clinton County Fair

During the March Senior Fair Board meeting, the Board made the decision to not guarantee a terminal buyer for market hogs at the 2020 Clinton County fair in light of the current ractopamine controversy in the pork industry. The following options were considered:

  1. Require Clinton County to be ractopamine free in hogs that are exhibited at the Clinton County Fair
  2. Not requiring Clinton County to be ractopamine free and not offering a market outlet

This was discussed and researched at length and the Board approved option 2. Part of our decision to not declare Clinton County Fair ractopamine free is that if the rule is made we need to be able to enforce it. Some fairs are banning ractopamine and requiring exhibitors to sign an affidavit stating that the animal has never been fed ractopamine. We felt that it was not possible for most exhibitors to truthfully state this with 100% accuracy as the possibility of cross contamination is possible. This is a one-year decision and will be re-evaluated for 2021.

As a result of our decision exhibitors will be responsible for removal of hogs following the Jr. Fair Market show. Exhibitors are encouraged to make arrangements for slaughter of, or sale to a slaughter channel of their project. We are exploring options to assist in the marketing. Release time for the market hogs will be published at a later date. Exhibitors will still be eligible to participate in the Jr. Fair livestock sale for premium bid. All hogs will remain the property of the exhibitor except for the Grand and Reserve Champions which are still terminal by state mandate.

Please be advised that the pork industry is moving to a ractopamine free industry. Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to start adapting to a ractopamine free feed diet as The Ohio State Fair has published that they will be ractopamine free for 2020.

There will be an informational meeting for all participants, parents and advisors to provide additional information concerning this policy on Saturday, March 14 at 9:00 a.m. in Expo Hall.

Please contact the Senior fair office at 937-382-4443 with concerns or questions.

Thank you for working with us.

Scot Gerber, Clinton County Fair Board President