Antique Tractor Pulls

3500LBS-3 MPH (Super Farm Stock)
4500LBS-3 MPH (Super Farm Stock)
5500LBS-3 MPH (Super Farm Stock)
6500LBS-3 MPH(Super Farm Stock)
5000LBS-4 MPH (Modified Stock)
6000LBS-4 MPH (Modified Stock)
6500LBS- 3 MPH (Farm Stock)
8500LBS- 4 MPH (Farm Stock)
10,000LBS- 4MPH (Farm Stock)

Entry: 20$
50% payout paying 3 places per class

General Rules: Division 2

  1. Drivers must be 14 years of age or older. Those under 18 years of age must have written parental/guardian permission.
  2. Drivers must stay on the seat of the tractor at all times. Hands must be on the steering wheel, hand clutch, or throttle. Feet must stay on platform at all times during the pull.
  3. Any tractor or puller found to be unsafe or illegal may be disqualified or barred from hooking. No alcoholic beverage will be permitted during pull.
  4. Any tractor parts falling off (Weights, Fly Covers, etc.) while hooked to the sled will be DQed..
  5. Tractor must stay in bounds at all times during pull.
  6. Wheelie bars are required, must be out past rear tires. 10″ height maximum while hooked to sled. All tractors will have a safety kill switch.
  7. Draw bars will have a maximum height of 20″ and no less than 18″ from center of axle to hook point. Must be stationary in all directions.
  8. Weights must not extend rearward beyond rear tires and cannot be more than 11 feet from the center of the rear axle to furthest point forward. (Must be stock wheelbase — cannot be altered)
  9. No steel wheels. Two wheel drive only. No duals.

9a. Radial tires will be permitted in all classes.

  1. Tractors must be naturally aspirated.
  2. Gas, diesel or LP fuels only. No alcohol or nitrous oxide fuels may be used in tractors. Gas is allowed with a maximum of 750 specific gravity. All tractors are subject to random fuel checks. Tractors manufactured to use diesel fuel only cannot be converted to gas or LP.
  3. Fan-guards on all tractors (side shield or fan shield). Mandatory
  4. RPMs and MPH will be checked from ½ track until the pull is completed. RPMs allowed will be determined by the M&W chart. Any tractor not listed will use manufacturer’s data. 20% margin of error will be permitted for all classes.
  5. Tractors must have the Stock Ag engine, frames, transmission, rear end and axle housing or manufacturer’s replacement. No adapter plates allowed for engine, Transmission, front end to bolt up.

Super Farm Stock Class Only – Radiators, Front end, Fuel Tanks, etc. must be in original location. Front tire must be Ag. Tires and 14″ or larger.
-Massey 33, Oliver 77, and like size tractors are not allowed below 4000#
-Oliver 88, Farmall M, Massey 44, MM-U, JD-G, Case-C/D, JD-A and up and like size tractors are not allowed in classes below 4500#.

  1. Enhanced electrical systems permitted in all classes. No rev limited allowed.
  2. Heads, blocks (jugs), manifolds must be the same manufacturer as the crankcase and frame. (Replacement manufacturer allowed)
  3. Any Ag. type carburetor allowed. Must be single barrel and throats and draft direction as originally manufactured.
  4. Spacer plates and girdles will have no more than 1″ above and below the center line of the crank shaft. 2″ total.
  5. Any jerking of sled or side stepping clutch will result in DQ.
  6. Weight of scales will be at zero tolerance.
  7. Judge’s or promoter’s decision is final at all times during the pull.

3 MPH (Super Farm Stock)

Super Farm Stock will run any gear. (3 MPH Max)
Tires sizes 15.5 x 38 max, or 16.9×34, 14.9 x 38, 16.9 x 28. (16″ rim max.)
18.4 x 38 7500#-8500# (16″ rim max.) Front tires must be at least 14″ and AG tires (3 Rib or Multi-Rib allowed)
Top cut tires allowed – No front edge cut allowed
Stock sheet metal and hoods. Stock wheel base.
1959 and older.

4 MPH (Modified Stock)

Modified Stock will run any gear (4 MPH Max)
Tire size will be 18.4 x 38. Cut tires allowed.
Stock sheet metal and hoods. Stock wheel base!
1959 and older.

Farm Stock Rules

  1. Tractors may enter into multiple classes, and multiple drivers may hook the same tractor (one placing per tractor)
  2. Only tractors on rubber are eligible. No caterpillar tractors, four wheel drive tractors, homemade tractors, steel wheels, dual wheels or cut tires may be entered. All tractors must weigh out after pulling and have RPM’s checked and be subject to judges inspection.
  3. No cut or Groomed Tires. No tire chains will be allowed.
  4. All tractors must remain intact. No exterior modification.
  5. Safety equipment is optional.
  6. For Stock Farm classes, 3,000 RPM maximum.
  7. No aftermarket turbos. No down-draft carburetors. Electric fuel pumps permitted.
  8. Use of fluid in tires is permitted. Any weights falling off tractor means automatic disqualification.
  9. Each contestant must furnish his own clevis or plate with 3” opening. Clevis must be bolted clevis.20 in. Max Height. Measurement will be from top of clevis or top of plate. No axle hitching.
  10. Each contestant must hitch to a stationary draw-bar or stabilized bar. Raising or lowering of draw bar will disqualify tractor and driver immediately.
  11. Start to be made with a tight chain. NO jerking. Length of chain to be a 4 ft. minimum.
  12. Contestants will be give one 75 ft. trial to move any load the furthest distance possible without spinning tires or stalling out
  13. Only the driver shall be allowed on tractor while trial is being made. Driver must stay in seat. One hand shall remain on steering wheel. Tractor must be under control at all times. Front end must not be off ground more than 2 feet high.
  14. Any driver wanting to change gears or rearrange weights may do so in 75 ft. trial and error zone.
  15. Boundaries will be plainly marked and tractors must stay within these limits while trial is being made.
    Failure to do so will nullify the trial.
  16. Track officials shall have final say and full power to decide all questions arising in connection with the contest subject to the rules and Administrations as provided. In any event not covered by the rules, the track officials shall have full power to decide in a manner that is fairest to the majority.
  17. The track officials shall determine the winners and shall award prizes in accordance with the rules.
  18. Failure to comply with the directions of the track officials shall result in immediate disqualification of the contestant.
  19. The committee will not be responsible for accidents or damage to tractors, drivers, or spectators.