Covid-19 Infield Participant Rules & Guidelines

Participation in Clinton County Fair grandstand events is at one’s own risk. Signage to this effect will be posted.
Competitors will be required to follow CDC’s published best practices regarding hand-washing, covering coughs and sneezes, maintaining a 6′ distance from others, and staying home or going home when sick. To promote proper hygiene, hand-sanitizing stations will be provided in several locations. Wearing of a mask/face covering and/or gloves is not required but is encouraged.
The infield parking area will be reserved for participant parking. No spectators will be permitted to park in the infield.
The event start time will be 6 p.m.
In addition, and in conjunction with the Clinton County Health Department, the Fair has established the following plan event-specific rules and procedures:
Competitor entry registration for this NTPA pulling event will be completed online or by telephone and/or correspondence with the NTPA office prior to the event. The intent is to identify all event participants and to limit both the number of haulers in the infield parking area to the maximum capacity and the number of travelers in each party to 10 or fewer. (The online option will be promoted and favored.)

  1. A form will be hosted or linked at the NTPA’s official website,, beginning on [date].
  2. Entry will be open to 2020-Licensed Drivers. Those who prefer to be licensed for participation in this event only must complete and submit a Per-Hook Driver application and IRS W9 form to the NTPA office. The application may be downloaded from the Tech section of The application must be received in the NTPA office before the entry can be processed.
  3. Entrants will be required to identify the driver, the vehicle, up to two participating crewpersons, and the person or entity to whom purse checks are to be issued. Entrants shall provide phone and e-mail contact information.
  4. Entry will be prioritized by vehicle registration (as known to the NTPA office) as follows: 1. 2020 Regional National; 2. 2020 Grand National; 3. Unregistered.
    a. Entrants of 2020 RN-registered vehicles will be contacted to confirm their interest and to secure their position by paying the posted entry fee (plus Per-Hook Driver fee, if applicable).
    b. Entrants of 2020 GN-registered vehicles will be contacted to confirm their interest and to be placed on a secondary list. Beginning Monday, July 13, such entrants will be contacted, informed of whether entry positions remain available, and asked to secure their position by paying the posted entry fee (plus Per-Hook Driver fee, if applicable).
    c. Entrants of Unregistered vehicles will be contacted to confirm their interest and to be placed on a tertiary list. Beginning Tuesday, July 14, such entrants will be contacted, informed of whether entry positions remain available, and asked to secure their position by paying the posted entry fee (plus Per-Hook Driver fee, if applicable).
  5. Entry for this event will close on Friday, July 17 at 3 p.m. No refunds of entry fees will be issued after this time (with the exception of scratched vehicles that are presented on the grounds, per NTPA policy). Unused Per-Hook Driver fees will not be refunded but may be applied toward one future NTPA hook in 2020.
  6. The order of pull within each class will be determined by random draw. This order will not be published until entry has closed; afterward, the order will be published online at
  7. Order of pull among classes will be announced at the event and is subject to change based upon day-of, on-site conditions.
    All infield sporting event participants will be directed to designated 10′ wide hauler-parking spaces by a team charged with infield parking.
  8. Hauler parking will open at 8 a.m. Haulers will not be admitted to the parking area before this time except by prior arrangement and subject to parking team availability.
  9. Hauler parking will proceed from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m., with one hauler admitted at a time. Haulers must wait until a parking team member comes to lead them to a space. Failure to follow the directions of the parking team will result in ejection with no refund of fees.
  • Any persons traveling in the hauler who were not previously identified during pre-entry will be asked to identify themselves and sign the waiver and release to obtain credentials.
  1. Hauler parking will close at 3 p.m., regardless of class pulling order. No haulers will be admitted after this time.
  2. The parking team will consider requests for location but is not obligated to honor these requests. Spaces may not be reserved for later-arriving competitors.
    Given the unavailability of an in-person driver meeting or entry trailer, it is critical that competitors assist with the organization and flow of the event as much as possible.
  3. Mandatory on-site tech inspection will be conducted at haulers by event officials. Competitors are asked to unload vehicles upon arrival to prepare for inspection. Each competitor may request a paper copy of their class’ lineup from the inspector.
  4. Competitors will be asked and expected to be towed across the scales in the order in which their class appears and in their order of pull within each class. Competitors and crewpersons should be prepared to add or subtract weight at the scales as needed.
  5. Competitors will be staged in the hot pit area in pull order.
  6. Prior to competition, competitors and crewpersons must remain on or near their competition vehicle or support vehicle and distanced from other competitors and teams. Standing near or behind the starting line in the hot pit area is prohibited.
  7. During their driver’s competitive pass, crewpersons must observe from their support vehicle or from a designated seating area and distanced from other spectators and teams. Standing near or beyond the finish line is prohibited.
  8. Competitors who must re-pull will be towed to their hauler only if refueling or repair is necessary. If neither is necessary, they will be towed directly back to hot pit.
  9. Competitors who need not re-pull will be towed to their hauler. At this point, their support vehicle should also be parked except to assist with loading duties.
  10. Competitors and crewpersons who have completed their competitive passes may watch the remaining competition from designated seating areas and distanced from other spectators and teams. Gatherings of more than 10 people, whether trackside or in the infield, are prohibited throughout the event.
  11. When they are ready to depart, haulers may exit the infield at any time, but competitors are advised to observe traffic flow to avoid congestion and blockage of access points that may be needed by emergency personnel.
    Results will be posted to during or after the event. Paper copies of results may be obtained from the NTPA office once it reopens on Monday, July 20. Checks will be issued from the NTPA office within two weeks of the event.
    These are stressful times, and we are operating under extenuating circumstances. We kindly ask that you as a professional sporting event participant please respect and follow the above guidelines. For this to work, this must be a very organized event. Disorganization will cause the event to be shut down