Covid-19 Spectator Guidelines

Clinton County Fair 2020 Grandstand event plan


The Clinton County Fair fully intends to follow the guidelines set forth by the state and CDC concerning Mass Gatherings and Social Distancing. For this event to happen we will need to follow strict guidelines and will need everyone’s Full cooperation to follow the guidelines and rules. This includes Sporting Participants, Spectators, & Staff. If the rules and guidelines are not followed by any one person or group, or you are deemed as disrupting someone’s health or personal wellbeing, you will be asked to leave and escorted off the property by local law enforcement.

Spectators Rules & Guidelines;

Spectators will be required to follow the CDC recommended guidelines related to social distancing and mass gathering guidelines while participating at the Clinton County Fair and any Grandstand events.

  2. If you have a vehicle blocking a participant parking space, you will be asked to move.
  3. Grandstands will be marked seating for social distancing guidelines.
  4. Additional seating will be utilized on the racetrack, Spectators are to bring their own portable lawn seating. (Bag chairs) Seating on racetrack will be marked for social distancing and spectators are expected to sit in the marked designated areas.
  5. The derby Arena will also be utilized for seating and will also be marked for social distancing.
  6. NO group congregating more than 10 people.
  7. You are entering at your own risk and there will be signage stating this fact.
  8. Wearing a mask is not required but encouraged if you wish.
  9. Wearing gloves is not required but encouraged if you wish.
  10. There will be ample hand sanitizing stations in locations where needed.
  11. We respectfully ask that you follow all the guidelines and signage so we can produce and enjoy an outdoor event.