In-field Participants NTPA

The Clinton County Fair fully intends to follow the guidelines set forth by the state and CDC concerning Mass Gatherings and Social Distancing. For this event to happen we will need to follow strict guidelines and will need everyone’s Full cooperation to follow the guidelines and rules. This includes Sporting Participants, Spectators, & Staff. If the rules and guidelines are not followed by any one person or group, or you are deemed as disrupting someone’s health or personal wellbeing, you will be asked to leave and escorted off the property by local law enforcement.

Infield participants Rules & Guidelines;

Participants of any infield events will be required to follow the guidelines set forth in this document by the Clinton County fair Board and the Clinton County health Department.

  2. Event start time will be 6:00pm
  3. All registration for this NTPA pulling event will be done On-line prior to the event so to avoid the over 10 limit of the mass gathering guidelines.
  4. All infield sporting event participants will be “PARKED” by a team handling in-field parking.
  5. There will be a designated parking team parking your hauler and you are asked to follow their directions.
  6. All haulers must park the suggested 10’ spacing as the parking team instructs them.
  7. Haulers are not allowed to enter the infield and must wait until a parking team member comes to lead them to a parking spot.
  8. Hauler/participant parking will be from 8:00am – 3:00pm Plan accordingly.
  9. If you arrive prior to 8:00am you will be asked to relocate if you are not in a proper parking spot.
  10. Haulers must be on site 3 hours prior to start time of this event.
  11. No saving parking spaces.
  12. Participants will be asked and expected to go across the scales in pulling order
  13. Pulling participants will be staged in line up in pulling order.
  14. Wearing a mask is not required but encouraged if you wish.
  15. Wearing gloves is not required but encouraged if you wish
  16. There will be adequate hand washing and sanitizer stations in the proper locations.

These are stressful times and extenuating circumstances that we are operating under and we kindly ask that you as a professional sporting event participant please respect and follow the above guidelines.  For this to work, this must be a very organized event. Disorganization will cause the event to be shut down.